Ermahgerd*! We're part of this crazy cuckoo bananas 10th anniversary Renegade Craft fair!

This year the Renegade Craft Fair asked The Vintage Bazaar to host a special mini pop up within a pop up for their 10th annual fair and we were lucky enough to have been selected to participate! There's so much going on at the fair that I can't even get into it here but check out the Renegade Craft site for more details. Please come dressed in your best ren faire garb or you'll feel so left out.

Here's a teeny tiny sneak peek of some stuff we'll have but trust me, this is but an amuse bouche and there are some real gems in the stock we'll have on hand. 

Look for The Vintage Bazaar this Saturday 9/8 and Sunday 9/9 on Wolcott off of Division and in the LaSalle Elementary School's parking lot. We're not yet sure where our booth will be but we'll be in there somewhere. Come and hang out!


*for Betty

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