Buds & Pups

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our arctic wind tunnel of a booth at The Vintage Bazaar at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend! It made the 10-12 hour days go by faster and it was nice to catch up and see some friends that we don't get to see often enough and some we see pretty often but never get sick of. Here are some pictures from the weekend with a few things that went home with people and a few dogs we wish we could have taken home:

 This is probably the first time we've ever been ready for a sale on time, thanks to Miss Betty on the right and also the extra staff The Vintage Bazaar provided to help. So this is what it feels like to not be late for everything..

First item out the door: 60's Diamond sunglasses. Also, this girl made that wood bracelet she's wearing!

Woven leather (!) vest

A great pick from our extensive collection of cat purses

One of my favorite necklaces

BT friend Adriana and our mascot for the weekend, Bunny Bear Jones!

The sweetest and least hairy lapdogs you will ever meet

The highlight of the weekend was on Sunday when I set a french fry lure near our booth for one lucky dog. So many dogs tried to get that enticing curled morsel of potato but were thwarted by their owners. This one, however...


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