Valentine's Vintage Bazaar

Bummer Town will be wishing you a Sad Valentine's Day this weekend at The Vintage Bazaar. This time the event returns to where it first started - at the Dank Haus in Lincoln Square. You will find us in the 5th floor ballroom at booth #23, at two of our favorite places to be: close to a fire exit and not too far from food. Not only will we have things to put on your body but we will also be bringing things to put in your house, like housewares and some furniture that will hopefully fit in our booth. Here's some useful info from The Vintage Bazaar ladies to get you ready.

Here's a quick preview of some things we'll have:

This picture doesn't do a good job of showing you the insane proportions of this jacket. So avaaannt gaaarde.

Liquid bronze top. Comes with MATCHING PANTS.

Candy colored restraint shirt! Whaaaat?!

Puffy reversible Mickey comic pullover top

Birds & Butterflies cotton Ungaro dress

Yeti sweaty

Tulip style high stools

See you there!

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