Another Vintage Bazaar - Special extra soggy edition

Well I blew it again and forgot to post about it here before it happened but Bummer Town participated in yet another Vintage Bazaar here in Chicago. The organizers Libby and Katherine brought it back to The Congress again, this time expanding it outside to the adjacent street and empty lot so there was more room for everyone to move around.

Unfortunately, it was drizzling or straight up raining most of the day, from when Liz and I set up at 9 a.m. until we left around 6:30. But this is why we love people in Chicago who love vintage - it didn't stop them. People still came and had a good time, brought their umbrellas and boots and were still as excited about our stuff as they would have been if it were perfectly sunny out. This is what kept us going despite being damp and freezing, dressed in as many layers as possible and giving off a "hobo with nice accessories" vibe.

So for those of you that were there, thanks for stopping by! Here's a few pictures of some of my favorite items that we sold yesterday. There were more plenty more that I didn't have the time to take a picture of so if you bought something from us that you love, please feel free to email us a photo and maybe we'll put it up here, if that's okay with you!

This all leather fringe cape was easily one of my favorites! I hope she wears this everywhere, like to school, to the grocery store, to sleep, to her wedding, etc.

Sam debated on getting this monochromatic muppet sweater for a little while but I'm glad he finally decided to go for it It's pretty perfect on him and not a lot of people could pull it off.

This girl was really cheery and cute and picked up this classy ivory wool ribbed cape. It has a hood! And pockets! I didn't capture the details. Whoops!

Sasha's one of our favorites because of her wild styles.   Sasha "gets" us. You know? Look how perfectly this "Theo Huxtable at a party" leather and wooly sweater/jacket works on her.

This lovely girl got this densely sequined black blazer with structured shoulders. I think it looked pretty good with what she already had on.

Look at the textured venetian blind effect on this crazy sweatshirt! I never could figure out what it said, if it said anything.

So thanks again to everyone who braved the gross weather and checked out The Vintage Bazaar and especially to those who stopped into our booth. We'll be working hard at finding new old things for you for the next time! Also, keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for updates because we'd like to restock the Etsy shop eventually and I'll post about it here first.


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