The Etsy gods have smiled down upon us

Bummer Town was lucky enough to be featured on the front page of Etsy a few weeks ago:

(3rd row, middle)

and in an Etsy Storque article about planned improvements to the checkout process that appeared in a rotating image, also on the front page:

(Top right)

and even in the Etsy Vintage Gift Guide:

(First row, 2nd picture)

We were also featured in another treasury listing from a seller that never made it to the front page but we weren't able to grab an image of that before it expired. Regardless, it's hard to believe all of the Etsy love that has come our way in our short time on the site. Seeing our headless torsos all over the site is pretty encouraging. Thanks, Etsy people!

In other news, we shot a new series of photos this weekend and will work on listing them soon. Also, Bummer Town now has a Facebook page. We hear it is the wave of the future and all who don't ride the wave will be left behind to sob all day in a pool of Commodore 64s.

What a steal! Act now!


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